Sound of Qi


08020007-2The Sound Of Qi was created by Songstress, Creative Facilitator, Qi Gong Teacher & Sound Practioner Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall’s sessions focus on openhearted empowerment through the deepening of our relationship with health and wellbeing, our creativity, our voice and our innate wisdom and intuition.

After spending many years touring worldwide as a Singer-Songwriter and suffering from ill health, she choose to place wellbeing and happiness at the core of her life; a place previously dominated by her creative drive. This drew her towards Chinese Medicine and the beautiful practise of Qi Gong.

She is now a qualified Qi Gong Teacher and Sound Practitioner and has combined her passion for song and sound to help people attune to ways of leading healthier lives and connecting deeper to their creativity.

Tallulah holds Private and Group: Qi Gong classes, Sound Journeys & Meditations, Song Writing Workshops for adults and teenagers, Voice Empowerment Workshops in London (Grace Belgravia – Women’s Club), Bristol and Berlin.

She is also one of the principal facilitators at Rise Up Singing, where she combines her love for Qi Gong and Song during her Songwriting & Performance Course.

In 2015 she was nominated Arts & Culture Woman Of The Year and at present is recording her Fourth Album, ‘The Liminal’.

In 2017 Tallulah joined the Bristol Bravery School For Women as a co-facilitator and creative collaborator.






Rebecca Brewin “Tallulah offers a very special and rarely found breed of inspiration in her workshops, one that ripples with creativity, breathes through the grounding of her inner work and expresses jewels wisdom that are buried inside each one of us; it’s just that we each need another voice, touch, gaze to bring it out. Talullah does this with a sensitivity borne out of spiritual practice, and an aliveness that can only come from someone who has truly learnt what it takes, firstly to be an artist, and secondly what it means to share what truth reveals with others. This gives her workshops a quality of intimacy and universality at the same time, which for any seeker of the soul is highly recommended.’