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Sharing Your True Creative Self – Confidence Building Workshop

Sharing Your True Creative Self –  Confidence Building Workshop

For many sharing our intimate creative selves with the outside world can be deeply challenging but for some jumping up on a stage and revealing a new piece of work doesn’t phase them in the slightest.

For others, this could be seen as a fate worse than death!

In this workshops we will work towards transforming these anxieties through simple Qi Gong, Meditation and Sound Techniques that help to build confidence for those wanting to share more of themselves with the world.

It’s not about Performance its about sharing your creative truth in a wholesome way in a safe and gentle space.

Jo I immediately felt welcomed by Tallulah’s warm and healing presence and with that I felt safe to explore my own unique expression. I love the pace in which Tallulah delivers her workshops, she creates space to digest and reflect on the gems she shares. I left her workshop feeling confident, capable and connected. I love this woman. I highly recommend her!”

Sarah “I want to say massive thank you to you Tallulah. You helped me get through some big problems of mine, problems that i had only faced on my own before… and never properly tackled until I had the chance to talk through them with you and expressing them within your song writing classes massively helped me then and still now today.”

SofiaWithTallulah’s Qi Gong and Creative Expression workshops, I am always inspired to bring the tools she offers home into my daily life. I really appreciate her intuition to help me drop into my body and express my voice, it is so completely inspiring and life giving!”