Sound of Qi

Sound Treatments

Sound Treatments

160121-singing_bowlsCombining the beautiful practise of Qi Gong with Tibetan Singing bowl and massage these sessions are deeply relaxing and empowering.

Beginning with gentle Qi Gong warm up exercises which you are able to learn quickly and incorporate into your daily routine at home.

You will then be invited to lie down where upon we will begin the sound meditation using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and toning to encourage deep relaxation and energy clearing. The treatment will finish with a gentle foot massage.

These sessions will leave you deeply relaxed with some new qi gong exercises to maintain a healthy system.

Treatments last 1 1/2hrs

Michael Kamp – Ruigoord Festival Amsterdam  “Working insidiously 22 hours a day during a festival week, the exertion and lack of sleep wreacked havoc on my 52 year old body. Pouring all you’ve go into a project really is a rediculously perncious mindset. Ready to drop dead I was when Tallulah Rendall appeared and invited me to her healing space. I tore away from my location, made it over to her by sheer survival instinct. There she lay me down and with her assistant, Simon pretty much put Humpty Dumpty back together again. By means of song, music, scent, massage, and subtle energy work lasting about one and a half hours, or two, reshaped me. I wanted to marry her. If this is what she could do to a near corpse, what would she be capable of whith a rested person I wondered. And Simon too, he felt as welcome as the air I breath. Eventhough this was about five months ago I can still feel the benediction of having surrendered to their loving care.”

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