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Wild Expression Workshop – Nurturing Our Creativity

Wild Expression Workshop

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Sometimes our creative flow becomes blocked; it maybe related to confidence, a fear of judgement our own or others or simply not realising that we need to make this space to allow our ideas to flourish.  Whatever the reason this is the space to explore unfurling and allowing once again the colours, ideas, songs, movement and stories to blossom.

What will we do during this sessions?
In these workshops as as a way of grounding ourselves and opening to the beautiful and unique creativity within each of us we will explore:

  • Qi Gong forms
  • Sound Meditation Practises
  • Sing songs – explore harmony, rhythm & spontaneous melody
  • Creative play sessions – make manifestation boards
  • Confidence building techniques

My main intention is that you leave feeling empowered and inspired with some beautiful practises that you can integrate into your daily life to support you on your journey.










Sarah Johnson “Glad to have the opportunity to fall into some creative time. Great work Tallulah.”