Sound of Qi

Song Writing & Performance Course

Songwriting & Performance Course

The shape of this Course is as follows:

We begin each module with Qi Gong. Developing grounding techniques, and then using Sound and Qi Gong forms to deepen our connection between the ground and our hearts; in essence cultivating a grounded openness. From this place we will explore sound meditation visualization techniques that will support us in exploring our creativity in a way that feels safe and without judgment from others or ourselves.

Each day this warm up is then followed by a module..

  • Module One Arriving in a space, exploring lyrics and story
  • Module Two Developing Melody & Song Structure
  • Module Three Playing with Harmony & Rhythm
  • Module Four Tools to build confidence for sharing our creativity
  • Module Five Exploring different visual mediums as a way of expressing melody and lyrics.
  • Module Six Performance


I will be holding this course at Rise Up Singing 2017

Liam Parker “Before participating in Tallulah’s song writing and performance workshop I was feeling really apprehensive and doubtful about performing my melodic poetry in front people even though I had managed successfully on previous occasions. However deep down for some reason I couldnt quite find the courage to express myself as openly and freely as I would have liked. 
I’ll be completely honest though, when I first started her week long workshop at rise up singing camp, I thought to myself, ‘This is mad!” haha! But soon realised how her slightly obscure (or simply different) relaxation and meditative techniques where actually really powerful and enlightening in many ways. I felt my whole body loosen and relax without really consciously being aware of what had affected me exactly. This in turn helped to expose or free parts of my soul that felt blocked due to stress and anxiety. Also using amazing visualisation techniques allowing the heart to explore beauty, colour, roses and nature in new, highly imaginative ways coming from a subtly grounded or rooted place. At which point Tallulah then created a space in which we where given the peace and freedom to write without any disturbance or interruption whatsoever. I recited a poem to the class on the second day and from that point onwards felt my confidence improve drastically. Furthermore she then went out of her way to arrange evening performance opportunities for those wishing to expose poems or songs that where extremely personal and close to the bone. These opportunities enabled me to gain momentum and grow even more confidant, performing in front of a gradually increasing audience each night. Eventually by the end of the week I had built enough confidence in myself to perform in front of the entire camp (roughly 100 people). The reaction from everyone was simply magical and I got a standing ovation, which was way more than I could have imagined at the beginning of the week. But, of course, this was all down to Tallulah and I literally cannot thank her enough for all her invaluable support, faith and belief she had in me throughout my amazing, life changing time at Rise up singing camp. Without her selfless encouragement I would never have achieved what I achieved in the end. I mean the confidence was always there but she helped me find it, which was key, and for that reason alone I feel wholeheartedly grateful. A great mentor but more importantly a really inspiring, compassionate, caring and special person. Would recommend to anyone struggling with performance anxiety or help with structured song writing She is simply amazing!”