Sound of Qi

Qi Gong & Sound Journey Meditation Session

Qi Gong & Sound Journey Meditation (2hrs)  (Private & Group Sessions)

These sessions will begin with a gentle Qi Gong warm up to help the group settle and let go of the stress of the day.

We will then explore breathe work and a beautiful Qi Gong Self Healing form; both of these aspects of the class are easy to learn and introduce into your daily lives.

From this point we will move into the Sound Journey Meditation.

Lying in Shavasana you will be guided through a beautiful Sound Journey using Gongs, Singing Bowls, Drums and Voice.

Vaishnavi Brassey “The sound journey Tallulah took us on transported me and left me deeply still, centred and beyond relaxed. I was stunned by the simple power of sound to bring me so fully out of stress / anxiety and into a place of calm centredness. Tallulah’s voice soaring above the bowls and other instruments gives her soundbaths a unique, responsive quality that drew me out into magical realms.”

Sophie Bolton “There’s a magic to Tallulah’s Sound Bath sessions that I can’t quite describe, except being left with a profound sense of softness in my body which felt very beautiful. After the session, I enjoyed receiving the present moment more fully, less in my head and more in my heart. I felt reassured by her presence, the way she brought us in and then out of the sound journey, knowing that something very special happened in between!”