Sound of Qi

Songwriting & Performance Workshop

Songwriting Workshop

Next ‘Songwriting Workshop – Exploring words, story, melody & rhythm 10-4pm 7th May 

We will begin this session with beautiful Qi Gong grounding techniques before moving into Sound Toning to deepen our connection between the ground and our hearts; in essence cultivating a grounded openness.

We will then move into the practical part of the workshop where we will explore:

  • Lyric writing & story telling
  • Developing Melody & Song Structure
  • Play with harmony & Rhythm
  • And touch on tools to build confidence for sharing our creativity. This aspect will be more fully explored on


Robin ‘I joined in a Rise Up Singing workshop with Tallulah last summer to experiment with some songwriting ideas I had. Although I am a complete novice at songwriting and was daunted by what might be required of me, the experience was unique. From gentle body work, and breathing, we were invited to just go with a stream of conscious ramblings that led us walking outside to gather rhythmic ideas and patterns . It was a fast and inspiring process and led to some surprising and unexpected creative ideas. Some of us completed songs after only two sessions. Tallulah held us in a very loving and open hearted space where our ideas could be shared without judgement. I would do it all again!’