Sound of Qi

Women’s Well Being Empowerment Workshop

Women’s Well Being & Empowerment Workshop

Jo I immediately felt welcomed by Tallulah’s warm and healing presence and with that I felt safe to explore my own unique expression. I love the pace in which Tallulah delivers her workshops, she creates space to digest and reflect on the gems she shares. I left her workshop feeling confident, capable and connected. I love this woman. I highly recommend her!”

An opportunity to learn simple and restorative ways of nurturing your health, confidence, creativity and happiness through Qi Gong & Sound.   We will explore key massage points, relaxing breathing techniques, harmonizing Qi Gong forms, uplifting mantras,  and ways of attuning to our innate wisdom and intuition. We will close our session with a Sound Journey Meditation. (No Qi Gong or meditation experience necessary – all are welcome)

The day will include:

  • The teaching of a beautiful Qi Gong form that can be practised daily or as often as time allows to nourish health and vitality.
  • Playing with our creative expression through movement, sound and words.
  • The sharing of practical ways to build confidence in daily life and in relation to sharing our true creative selves.
  • We will play with a Five Element Qi Gong Form, which will allow us to explore the elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, water & Wood) and their relationship to the seasons and consequently ways in which we can become more aligned with the natural world and its rhythms during the year.
  • The session will close with a sound journey mediation.

My intention through this workshop is:

To provide you with clear ways that you can nourish yourselves on a day to day basis.

To provide you with some beautiful ways to support you in the sharing your authentic and vulnerable selves with the world.

To help cultivate a deeper understanding of the cycles of the natural world and how we can live more harmoniously with them.

To offer a safe and heartfelt space where you can explore the creative expression that radiates within us all.